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BETA Construction was an installer
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Welcome to Beta Construction Inc.

Your home is your sanctuary. You have invested a lot of time and money making it your own, and it is a reflection of you and your family. At Beta Construction, we understand that. When it comes to home improvement, home remodeling or upgrading, we provide solutions within your budget so that your home is a reflection and an extension of you.


Since 1984, Beta Construction has specialized in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and basement finishing. From simple projects to complete redesigns, Beta is equipped to handle the job! Our warm, caring, trained professionals are dedicated to helping you determine your home improvement needs and reveal your home’s true, often hidden, potential.


If you have seen ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, you might have seen Beta Construction at work in a West Chester, Ohio home in 2009. We served as a project manager for the job, and it was a true testament to our hard working team. The result? A beautifully designed, functional home.